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Seki Japan TSUBAZO Japanese Vegetable Kitchen Knife, Stainless Steel Nakiri Knife, Shiraki Handle, 170 mm (6.7 in)

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About this item

  • Thin Blade Knife specializes for cutting vegetables because of the thin and wide sword blade.
  • The thin blade enables you to cut hard or big food materials easily by standing the blade upright on the food and putting your body weight on the knife. This thin blade knife allows you to peel vegetable or fruit skins easily and makes specialized cuts such as katsuramuki, shaving a vegetable cylinder into a thin sheet.
  • When people go to buy a knife for their home use, the first thing that comes to mind is most likely stainless steel.There are indeed some merits associated with stainless steel knives. Rust resistance is top on the list for these merits. They are low maintenance and can be used for a long period of time. In fact, there are various grades and types of stainless steel used in kitchen knives, and professionals pay close attention to the type of stainless steel used in the knives they purchase.
  • Blade length : 170mm / Blade : Stainless Steel, Handle : Wood (Shiraki)
  • Seki city is known for its cutlery industry and manufactures the majority of cutlery, such as kitchen knives, Japanese swords, pocket knives, scissors, letter openers, etc., within the nation. The Seki cutlery is famous for its high quality not only domestically but also overseas. These strong and precise knives are made one by one by Japanese craftsmen.

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