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About our brand

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"Discover the Soul of Japan, Through the Crafts of Gifu."

At the heart of every great narrative lies an origin, an intent, a passion. 'Product of Gifu Japan' was born from a deep-seated desire of the Gifu Prefecture to showcase the mastery and artistry of its local artisans and their creations. By curating a collection from only the best manufacturers recognized and approved by Gifu Prefecture itself, the brand acts as a window, inviting the world to glimpse the profound traditions and unparalleled craftsmanship that this region boasts.

Japan, an island nation in East Asia, resonates with a history and culture that has left legacies across ages. Among its picturesque landscapes and tales, Gifu stands tall and proud. The ebb and flow of seasons, the mountains, the rivers — they've all whispered their stories into the hearts of the people here, deeply influencing their craftsmanship.

Seki City, for instance, is not just a name. It's a symbol of unparalleled expertise, centuries-old blacksmithing techniques, and unparalleled craftsmanship. Each blade coming out of Seki is a testament to the artisan's passion, echoing stories of generations of expertise and dedication. It's not just metal and edge; it's history, culture, and soul, all forged into one.

The story continues with Mino ware. Birthed from the bountiful Mino region, these pieces encapsulate simplicity and elegance. The perfect balance of beauty and utility, every piece is an invitation to experience the blend of tradition and everyday Japanese life.

In the gentle rustling of Mino washi paper, you hear whispers of tradition. Made using Gifu’s pristine waters and centuries-old techniques, this UNESCO recognized paper embodies strength, delicacy, and heritage.

Then there's the Tono region's woodcraft, offering tactile experiences that transport you straight into serene Japanese forests. The aroma, the texture, it's nature's music captured in craft.

This brand, 'Product of Gifu Japan', is more than just a label. It’s a heartfelt invitation to the world. We want you to not only know the magnificence of traditional Gifu products but to also experience them, to feel the essence of Japan in your hands, and to appreciate the quality and the intricate techniques that have gone into its making. Rooted in deep-seated Japanese techniques and traditions, every product is a testament to innovation blended with heritage.

We dream of a world where our traditions find a home in every corner, and through 'Product of Gifu Japan', we aim to make that dream a reality. Join us in this journey, hold a piece of Gifu, and let it tell you its story.


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