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Namima Jinbei Ceramic Dessert Plates Set of 4, Whale Shark Pattern - 6 inch, Appetizer and Cake Plate

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About this item

  • Whale Shark Aesthetics: Immerse in the oceanic allure with the Mino Ware Namima Jinbe Whale Shark pattern, adding a splash of sea-inspired elegance to any meal.
  • Signature Luster Finish: Featuring a unique "luster process", these plates present a wave-like texture that sparkles from every perspective, reminiscent of the calming allure of glistening water.
  • Authentic Artistry: Proudly Made in Japan, these plates encapsulate the time-honored Mino ware pottery tradition, known for its impeccable quality and design.
  • Versatile Serving: Perfectly sized at 6.4 inches for serving desserts, ice creams, appetizers, or as a dedicated plate for special dishes.
  • Harmonious Set: A curated set of 4 matching plates, each weighing 8.2 oz, ensuring a cohesive dining experience or making a cherished gift for special occasions.

Item Specifications

Length: 6.4 in

Width: 6.4 in

Height: 1 in

Weight: 8.2 oz

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