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Mino Washi Origami Paper Collection 3 - 5.9 inch Each 10 Color / Total 100 Sheets

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About this item

  • Origami has been introduced from China to Japan since ancient times. Since this time, it has been loved by many as a work of art. Recently, when giving a present, a culture of folding simple works, writing a message and handing it together has been created, and in recent years when a big tragedy such as an earthquake or tsunami has occurred, people fold a thousand paper cranes and bundle them with a string. There is also a culture of bringing them to the disaster area as a feeling of support.
  • Origami can make various animals such as dogs, lions, crows, pandas, vehicles such as cars, ships, airplanes, and many characters such as ninja, samurai, dragon, manga and anime heroes with just one sheet of paper. increase. Works that can be easily made are enjoyed as toys that allow children to move their fingertips to work their heads, and works with complex shapes are widely enjoyed as artists' works of art that are exhibited in contests.
  • Size: 15 cm (6in) x 15 cm (6in), Material: "MINOWASHI" (Japanese paper), 10 colors (brilliant reddish yellow, slightly bright brown like silver, dark green with strong blackness, Light brown, mustard color, grayish yellowish red, indigo, astringent greenish brown, soft yellowish green, blackish red) x 10 sheets (100 sheets included)
  • The paper used in this product is a traditional craft made in the area of Gifu prefecture in Japan and is called "MINOWASHI". "MINOWASHI" was recognized as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2014 and is loved by many people not only in Japan but all over the world.
  • General paper uses chemicals to whiten the appearance, and it deteriorates severely about 100 years after it is manufactured. However, "MINOWASHI" handmade by skilled craftsmen is made using natural plants, so it is said that it will not deteriorate even after about 1000 years.

Item Specifications

Model: Mino Washi

Type: Washi Origami Paper

Material: Washi Paper

Color: Assorted


Theme: Japanese Crafts


Set Includes:

Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan

Item Length: 5.9 in

Item Width: 5.9 in

Item Height: 0.5 in

Item Weight: 4.9 oz

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