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Mino Ware Yunomi Tea Cup Set, Sendsn-Tokusa, Japanese Traditional Design, Green Tea Cup, 3.7" 4.7 floz, Set of 2

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About this item

  • What you need: How about nice Japanese tableware? Japanese teacups (YUNOMI) are an item that Japanese people use every day. They are used at meals, for coffee breaks, after meals and before bedtime. It is a great way to enjoy a cup of hot green tea. When eating sushi, larger teacups are used. Japanese teacups at meals are indispensable to the Japanese people.
  • Multipurpose: As a cup for drinking tea. It can also be used as other tea and coffee cups. This value-priced product is an everyday tableware that you can easily use every day.
  • Authentic materials: Mino Ware (Mino Ceramic Ware) is a famous pottery production area in Japan with a 1300 year history. Please feel the delicate beauty of Mino ware.
  • Traditional colors and designs: Mino Ware has traditional and beautiful colors and designs, and has a quality that you will never get tired of even if you use it every day.
  • Original gift idea: How about a birthday or anniversary gift for your family or friends? They will surely be delighted with your original gift.

Item Specifications

Length: 3.7 in

Width: 3.7 in

Height: 2.4 in

Weight: 5.5 oz

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