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Product of Gifu Japan Japanese Handmade Fountain Pen, Medium Point Alloy Plating Nib, Black Ink, Brass Gold Body, Screw Cap for Men & Women, Professional, Executive, Office, Gift

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About this item

  • A brass fountain pen that utilizes Japan's proud and reliable technology.Finished in a luxurious body.
  • About brass: Also known as brass, it gives off a golden color when polished, so it has become popular in the early modern period. It is an alloy of copper and zinc. It is yellow, does not rust easily, and is easy to cast and process, so it is widely used in machinery, daily necessities, crafts, etc. It has been used for making tableware and fine arts since ancient times.
  • Size: Length 130mm (5.1in) x Shaft diameter 13mm (0.5in), Weight: Approximately 43g (1.5oz), Specifications: Ink-black, metal fittings-Germany DAYACOM, Nib-M, alloy plating
  • How to install the cartridge: Remove the barrel of the fountain pen, turn the pen tip upward, and insert it straight without turning the cartridge. After installing, wait until the ink reaches the tip and write a test.
  • Converter suction method: Remove the barrel, insert the converter straight into the neck, turn the knob counterclockwise, lower the internal piston, and immerse the pen tip in the ink up to the neck. Suck while rotating to the right. After suction is complete, wipe the pen tip clean before use.

Item Specifications

Length: 5.1 in

Width: 0.5 in

Height: 0.5 in

Weight: 2.4 oz

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