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Japanese Calligraphy Mino Washi Sutra Copying Shakyo Set Koubai Pink Line

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About this item

  • Hobbies, such as traveling, playing games, yoga and enjoying alcohol can help you relax mentally and physically. gShakyoh is a Japanese traditional cultural activity that has been a cherished since the old days. Shakyo refers to copying each letter of sutra on paper. In Japan, gHannya Shingyoh, which has about 300 letters, is often used for Shakyo, and many people enjoy it as a hobby.
  • The Effect.1. Shakyo can help you relax. You can concentrate entirely on copying each letter with enough care that you forget all other thoughts such as fears, uncertainty, and anxiety.2. Shakyo helps to activate your brain, especially the frontal lobe, by moving your fingertips more carefully than when you use a pen.3. Shakyo makes your handwriting beautiful. Like the effects of point 2, you use your fingertips more carefully, so it gets easier for you to control your fingertips when you write.
  • Size: Paper 456 x 272mm (17.95 x 10.7 in), Set: Ruled line-5 Sheet Trace Paper-10 Sheet Total 15 Sheet Brush Pen-1 pic
  • This traditional Japanese paper is called "Mino Washi" made in Gifu prefecture, Japan. Mino Washi was designated an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2014, and it has been very popular not only in Japan but also overseas.
  • The quality of general paper will be rapidly deteriorated after about 100 years since the paper is made because some chemicals are used to make paper appear whiter. However, it is said that Mino Washi made by skilled craftsman will not be deteriorated even after 1,000 years because Mino Washi is made from natural plants.

Item Specifications

Length: 10.8 in

Width: 6.5 in

Height: 0.8 in

Weight: 4.6 oz

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